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The Life–Style Violent Juvenile
by Andrew Vachss

Before any of his novels were ever published, Andrew Vachss turned his frontline experiences into a textbook in which he detailed a plan for total reformation of incarceration—and treatment—modalities aimed at juveniles convicted of serious, violent offenses. Entitled The Life-Style Violent Juvenile: The Secure Treatment Approach, it was released by Lexington Books in 1979, and contained, among other features, the actual layout of the proposed facility and interviews with some very dangerous ... and very informative ... individuals. The book had a total printing of maybe a few thousand copies—so finding one today is nearly impossible, unless you're willing to pay some insane price for an ex–library copy. But...

• You can view online the architectural guides for a Secure Treatment Unit;

• You can read an excerpt from the book online;

• You can read the transcript of a speech Mr. Vachss gave on the very same subject;

• You can search for and read the 70–plus books and articles that cite The Life-Style Violent Juvenile
The Life-Style Violent Juvenile by Andrew Vachss
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