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Welcome to the real world, Todd Akin

>by Andrew Vachss

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Let me be certain I understand this:

Todd Akin, a U.S. Congressman from Missouri, having ridden Tea Party support all the way to the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, has now returned the favor by going the anti-abortion theocrats one better: He demands that a woman prove she was "legitimately raped" to be allowed to terminate a pregnancy.

Leaving aside the fact that his IQ will never threaten room temperature — he's not only an expert on gynecology ("If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.") — but an expert statistical analyst as well ("Women who are 'legitimately' raped are extremely unlikely to become pregnant.") how would his fervent "beliefs" play out in the real world?

Here's how: If the victim must prove she was "legitimately" raped — after all, you can't just take their word for it — does that mean the police must apprehend the rapist and that the rapist must be convicted, all within the first trimester of pregnancy?

Granted, this humanoid would not be allowed to serve on a jury unless he committed perjury. Visualize his response to: "Juror #4, the victim in this case is pregnant. Do you believe she could not be pregnant if she had actually been raped?"

But that's not even close to the depths this creature is wallowing in. What's buried within all this filth is the "belief" that intrafamilial child sexual abuse, often called incest, is NOT rape. And the eager desire to impose this perverted "belief" on all female children.

So if a 13-year-old girl is raped by her father — and make no mistake, incest of a minor is rape under any definition you personally favor — and she becomes pregnant as a result, would she have to obtain "parental consent" before being allowed to rid herself of the ultimate in unwanted pregnancies? In the race to distance themselves from this HONEST ADMISSION OF BELIEF by one of their own, Romney is already ahead of Ryan, who co-sponsored a bill to change the definition of "rape" to "forcible rape."

Incest is nothing more than rape-by-extortion. If you don't think so, or if you think that the victim should be punished for such a crime, you shouldn't be voting — you should be emigrating to a country ruled by the Taliban.

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