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Here's a Cyber-Chump update, found on Dejanews (in the alt.writing forum, titled "Announce: On-line survey," beginning 11/10/98):

Kimberley Brown [] posted: My name is Kimberley Brown, I'm a freelance writer. I'm doing some research and conducting an on-line study which will ultimately result in an article geared towards a well-known parenting magazine.

The question: If you are the parent of a preschool child, how did you approach the issue of training your child to achieve dry nights? No pull-up or diaper anymore. What did you do, did you have a plan, rewards, etc.

Please provide your full name, child's name and age, and e-mail address. Please reply to:
Kimberley Brown

Thank you for your co-operation, and for your response.

Ronson Dalby [] responded:
> Please provide your full name, child's name and age,
> and e-mail address. Please reply to:

Are you kidding?

Pbutler111 [] added:
That's exactly what I was going to ask. And while you're at it, why not throw in your social security number, phone number, and checking account number? And hey—if you have any naked photos of those kids laying around. . .

And Alf Yngve [] added:
In his recent novel SAFE HOUSE, Andrew Vachss makes a passing comment about "cyber-chumps" who take everything on the "Sacred Net" as gospel truth. The rules on the Net are, in fact, the same as in real life — if a total stranger comes and starts asking you intimate questions, he's not to be trusted. (There's a tried and tested response, too: "If you're not away in five seconds, I'll call for a cop!")

Funny how people tend to forget that...



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