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Trojan Horses
Batman: The Ultimate Evil
by Andrew Vachss

Batman: The Ultimate Evil by Andrew Vachss
Warner Aspect, 1995 (hardcover)

"A book no Batman fan should miss. If ever a work of fiction featuring a comics character deserved to be compulsory reading, this is surely it."

Alan Grant, author of
Batman: Shadow of the Bat

"The most stylish adaptation of a comic book figure yet ... cold stiletto prose and white-hot passions."

Publishers Weekly

"An engaging and astonishing one-night read ... It will appall you. It will anger you ... but it won't depress you. And the just desserts are wonderful."

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Contains the report:
"Child Sex Tourism"
by David Hechler, author of
The Battle and the Backlash: The Child Sexual Abuse War.


Bodies Endangered

Jude DeLuca: I’m looking into a miniseries published by DC Comics that demolishes most norms surrounding thoughts on sexual abuse, deconstructing false ideas like “Abuse victims will eventually imitate their abusers” and “Sexual abuse can only happen in poor neighborhoods.” In doing so, it creates a sense of liberation for abuse survivors, telling us our bodies aren’t programmed to imitate our abusers because of what happened to us, and our backgrounds had nothing to do with it either. In this way it helps remove any sense of shame or guilt we may have internalized from thinking we might have brought on our abuse just because of whom we are or where we live.

In the heart of Gotham's darkness glows the cold garish neon of the sex industry, the feverish eyes of desperate drug addicts, the streetlights creating shadows in which muggers patiently wait. This is where Batman's most personal—and most savage—battle begins. And where he must confront a vortex of violence so profound that those who survive lose their souls.

Here the night-rider must reach deep within himself to summon the superhuman strength he needs to fight the most vicious and remorseless enemies he has ever faced ... those who traffic in the flesh of children.

In a compellingly written fantasy novel, bestselling author Andrew Vachss brings his razor-sharp talent to one of the most legendary characters of the 20th century—The Batman. While aiding a social worker in her crusade against child abuse, millionaire Bruce Wayne uncovers a shocking revelation about his childhood and his transformation into The Batman—knowledge that nearly destroys him.

Batman: the Ultimate Evil by Andrew Vachss, comic adaptation.


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