Backup Pack
Angel, Bear and Cubby

A few years back, Lisa and her family made contact to let us know the pit bull Angel—a puppy playmate for their eight-year-old Bear—had joined their clan. Lisa got back in touch recently to let us know that they lost their beloved and faithful Bear to age-related illness. Bear will be sorely missed by all, but especially by Angel.

Fearing they might lose Angel to loneliness, they went to the local pet adoption agency and found Cubby, a black pit with a white chest.

Vicious Killer Pit Bull ... RIGHT!
Angel, Bear, and Baby Boy - 2004

Angel (pit bull) is now approximately 3 1/2 years old and is just a big spastic puppy. Bear is now 8 years old and getting a bit less enthusiastic about everything—he prefers to snooze rather than be a jungle gym. As shown in the pictures, we have also added a baby boy. I took these pictures SPECIFICALLY for those sad people who think that pit bulls don't do well with children. During my pregnancy I joined an expectant mom's chat board, and to my dismay found that MANY folks are terrified of letting a pit bull terrier be in the same home as a child. As evidenced in the photos … this is HARDLY the case! Angel loves nothing more than to slobber all over the baby. The baby in turn opens wide and licks her right back!

Simply, Angel's story is this ... an uncaring breeder separated mom from pups at 4 days old. While attempting to return to her little ones, mama was hit and killed by a car. The breeder wanted no part of caring for the babies he had orphaned, and was going to destroy Angel and her siblings. They were rescued and hand fed by a caring neighbor ... I was fortunate enough to be able to welcome her into my home 3 weeks ago. My family (including Bear) looks forward to a long and loving life with this sweet baby.

AngelAngelAngel & Bear