Backup Pack
Bruno and Oosa

To my dear friend Bruno
12 years on this earth
Forever in my heart


To Oosa,

For 15 and a half years she hung in,
giving it everything she had
right to the end.
And though the last few years
were not easy, there was lots
of barking but barely a whimper.


Bruno and Oosa

These are two beloved family members. Bruno, as you may guess, is the rottweiler. I got him from the local pound when he was 16 months old. He is the friendliest dog you will meet, of any breed, but he will let you know he is on duty if you come to the house. At 11 years old and arthritis setting in, he is still the first to the door to greet me.

Oosa is the border collie cross. She was the runt of the litter from a farm in Manitoba. She's got the great intelligence, and, at 12 years old she's got the great work ethic characteristic of border collies. While she is not as extroverted as Bruno, she never fails to come to my side when I am upset, willing to help out however she can.

I have been blessed with two great dogs, they seem to be able to lighten up even the days that don't go so well.

--Vijay Rajan