Backup Pack

On 31 October, 2004, Burke went to the place where all True Warriors go when their time is due. His love and loyalty will be missed. Predatory werewolves who prey on the young be warned; Burke is no longer bound by earthly constraints, and his spirit will continue to fight the Holy War we all believe in.

Like his literary namesake, BURKE carries the scars of his childhood with him.

BurkeBadly abused and mistreated as a puppy, to this day his body is scarred from shotgun pellets. He was found running wild near Houston Intercontinental Airport, and rescued by the Pet Protection League. Terrified of humans, scared of his own shadow, and fearful of anyone or anything coming near him, the Malanois/Rottweiler mix came home in 1995.

Burke's human William is a private investigator in Texas. (William knows better than to consider himself Burke's "Master"; they are partners, in every sense of the word.) After six years, and a lot of love, Burke is now a healthy and happy 95 pounds of committed loyalty. No one approaches without Burke's approval (which has led to some interesting moments when visitors come to the house), and Burke has been known to try and back down moving cars when neighborhood children are playing in the street.

BurkeWilliam is fond of pointing out that since Burke came to live with him, there has not been one sighting of a werewolf in the area. To those who point out that there's no such thing as werewolves, William explains that's an indication of how good a job Burke does of keeping them away.

Burke's vantage point from the landing of his multi-story house (and make no mistake, it is HIS home; he graciously allows William to pay the mortgage, but there is no question as to whose turf it is) covers most of the block. Strangers coming into the area are given the appropriate warning, which has led to Burke being nicknamed "Lord Baskerville" by the neighbors.