Backup Pack

GrendelNamed for the John Gardner version of the Beowulf legend, Grendel is a young pit bull who's living proof that the popular image of a beast is often wrong. His greeting of every person and dog is an eagerly wagging tail and kiss of the face for as long as you can stand it. At seven months, he's discovered sofa, sunbeams, frisbees, and stray socks are some of his favorite things—while kite tails and dandelions are gaining popularity.

Smart as he is handsome, Grendel knows all of his toys by name, which ones to squeeze & squeak on command, which ones not to pull apart, and which ones stay off the sofa. When riding in the car, he perches on the middle console to watch the world, recognizing trips to the office, the coast, play dates, and *sigh* errands. He plays with all sorts of breeds, from St. Bernard to miniature pincher, and reads their age and temperament like a book.

After an active evening at the dog park, Grendel lays his head on the pillow next to Aimee, waits for Andrew to finish writing a story, and dreams of a world with more loving homes and no breed specific legislation.

Grendel Grendel