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Antoinette Ledzian, of A Writer's Garden, tells us about Belphoebe:

"With camera in hand, I started down a long gravel drive, nestled deep in the woods, to be surprised and welcomed by my first Mastiff, Belphoebe, the official greeter and hostess of Ashwillett Herbs in North Stonington, Connecticut.

"Her owners, Tom and Michel Buehler, say Belphoebe especially bonds to children and babies with whom she will share her magical environment, complete with turret! Although my age doesn't qualify me as a child, Belphoebe must have felt my trust as she posed like a queen for these photographs.

"As I write this, Belphoebe is about to take her first trip to the Azores where she will spend the winter months in a quaint village which has become a second home. Her mom said gifts from America will be delivered to all the children on the island. Imagine ... an English Mastiff Santa Claus!"



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