Backup Pack
Max, Porkey, Bosco and Petey

Petey is the latest addition to the family. The beautiful AmStaff was found in a field in southern Idaho, beaten and left for dead. He weighed all of 20 lbs. and was terrified of people. A year later he's weighing in at 45 lbs., and he has become protector, companion and brother.

Petey - Day One
Petey Day 1
Petey - Now!
Petey Now!


Max (named for the unkillable "Mad Max" in the movies) was rescued by her owner when she was hit by a car and left for dead.


Porkey sighs in a deep depression because there is nothing left in the yard to chew.


Bosco was found over July 4th weekend, after two vet visits, a bath, and a couple of weeks of R & R, he is doing great!