Backup Pack


The two worst things my husband and I have experienced owning greyhounds is letting them go. At the age of 13, our Mikey’s hind legs became paralyzed and May Fly who was 11 was diagnosed with an aggressive osteosarcoma two months later. Not long after his diagnosis, we lost him. Our house felt very empty and knowing that I’d never see Mikey lift his regal head and sniff his domain or May Fly run up the stairs to bring down my pillow was just too much to bear.

We had been reading about galgos. They’re Spanish greyhounds with a similar nature. They are used in the rural areas of Spain for hunting rabbits. Unfortunately, at the end of the hunting season, they are considered disposable and when the short hunting season ends each year, tens of thousands are abandoned or brutally killed by their owners who have no use for them any longer. Some are lucky and are rescued from the streets. Others have been starved, thrown into wells, lay injured in the fields, hung, thrown into dumpsters, or run scared in traffic. Coree (real name, Coreecaminos) was found on the side of a highway emaciated and weak. We were also told that he had been bitten by a sandfly and had contacted a condition called Leishmaniasis. So, because he was “special needs” having to take medication twice a day, he was always being overlooked for adoption.

For us, it was love at first sight. We decided after one look at his photograph, that we would give him the good life that he deserved and take care of him forever. We don’t know if he understands English, but as Andrew wrote, “Love is Behavior” so Coree will know in no uncertain terms that he is finally “home.”