Backup Pack

Updated 3-07-01: Max the Pit Bull has found a home!

Max is living on a cat-free farm in Missouri. His host is home due to disability, so he and Max have had lots of time to get acclimated, and love hanging out together. Thanks to all for their concern ... it looks like Max has his happy ending (or maybe he's finally been granted a happy beginning)!

Max the PitbullHere's your chance to do something good: For yourself and for a pit bull who needs a home. This is Max, and he wants to be both your home security system and your best friend. Max the APBT was rescued by Darrell Stiles of Jefferson County, Missouri.

Max is approximately 18 months old, and was used as a "bait dog" by a dog-fighting ring in Missouri as a puppy—he was never a fighter. However, Max's experiences have left him with a limp in his left hind leg, and a bad reaction to being caged.

Max is housebroken, his shots are current, he tested negative for heartworms, and he has been neutered. He loves people and gets along well with other dogs—both male and female—but has a definite aversion to cats, which socialization has been unable to do anything for.

Under Darrell's care, Max has been getting regular vet appointments. The vet says that Max's hip is not damaged, but the cold weather increases the limp, and his left hind leg will probably never be 100%, so the limp is something he'll probably be stuck with.

With Darrell's loving attention, Max's weight has increased from 55 lb. to 62 lb., a healthy weight for him, according to the vet. The hair on his chest and underside has also been re-growing. His separation anxiety, severe at first, has diminished since becoming accustomed to his new, safe surroundings, but Max's ideal permanent home would be one in which someone will be available to acclimate him to his new surroundings, and definitely one without live-in cats!

He's a sweet and wonderful dog, and Darrell will miss him tremendously, and wants his permanent home to be a good and loving one, with people who will appreciate him ... cat-free people, that is!