Backup Pack

My name is Hopper, I am a two-year-old pit bull. I have had a very rough life. My troubles started in the womb. My mother lived on the streets, and so she got very little nourishment. She also carried too many pups. It was very crowded in there and as a result my skeletal system formed incorrectly and I now hop instead of walk. I grew up on the streets. I had no home and no one to care for me. I soon became very sick. I had contracted Valley fever. I was cold, wet, and hungry. Luckily, a stranger drove by and saw me on the side of the road. This compassionate soul took me home. He nursed me back to health, for which I am undyingly thankful. Unfortunately, he could not keep me, so he took me to the pound. They were going to put me to sleep forever because they figured that no one would want a crippled pup. I was lucky again to find my new mother, Beth Norton. She stole me away from them and took me home to my forever home.