Backup Pack
The Marker Pack

Update Here are some new pics of Missee Mae (Moofee) and Trixee. You can see how Trixee has grown. She can now stand upright and look me straight in the eyes.

Update Sadee, our oldest black lab, has retired from the Back-Up Pack. She left us on February 11, 2009, suffering from an internal problem that could not be repaired. She is missed by all of us, and Moofer and Trixee still look for her. She passed while I was holding her and telling her that she is my sweet girl and I love her.

Sadee, our oldest, is mostly black Lab. Her background is questionable since she was brought into the police department and given to me in dispatch at about eight weeks old. We already had two dogs, so we were going to keep her until we found her a good home. That was nine years ago—she has a good home.

Missee Mae, known as Moofer, is our Golden Retriever and the most lovable dog we've ever had. She has a sweet smile and a sweeter disposition. She's the one who puts her head on your shoulder and wipes away the tears when times get rough.

Trixee is our Lab rescue dog. We got her at nine months. She had spent most of her life in a cage and when rescued was fighting for every bit of food and water she could get. The cage was hardly big enough for her to turn around in. After being rescued, she was spayed, housebroken, vaccinated and taken by the Lab rescue people to a pet store for an exhibition. She took quite a shine to my daughter and followed her everywhere in the store and then home with her. She was very nervous at first, but adjusted almost immediately to Sadee and Moofer. She was starved for love and attention and she gets plenty of both here, we see to that.

Sadee is a bit reticent to have her picture taken, Moofer is camera shy, but Trixee is a real model.

—Lyn Marker