Backup Pack
May Fly

May Fly came up from Ebro Racetrack in Florida along with eight other greyhounds. Since my husband and I were volunteers with the rescue organization, we saw him when he came off the truck. He was very skinny, his ears were huge and he was visibly shaking like a leaf. He was only two years old and had only 15 races under his belt because he kept getting tangled up with the other racers — so — May Fly was literally written off. After being in foster care for a while to determine how he would be with kids, cats and other dogs, May Fly was adopted, but soon after, he was returned because he was too needy. The adoptive parents weren't ready to pay any attention to a dog and a retired racer needs attention. They know nothing but the track and need loads of TLC to become acclimated to the world outside the track.

Since we lived closer to Brooklyn where May Fly was living, we were asked to pick him up to bring him back to Grateful Greyhounds. When we arrived, May Fly was waiting outside with the adoptive mother looking so confused and pitiful. He looked right into my husband's eyes as if to say, "Where are you taking me now?" Fred literally said to him, "Don't worry, we'll take care of you" ... and that was it. We brought him to our home and introduced him to his brother-to-be, Mikey, and since then, they have become fast friends.

May Fly needs rules which need to be reinforced on a daily basis, but he is the most loveable hound you'll ever want to meet. We couldn't love him more if we tried.

Mikey was the consummate racer, but now is the ultimate couch potato, while May Fly races around the couch every time he returns from a walk. May Fly also thinks all cell phones, remote controls and anything he can reach are food, which keeps us on our toes. Watching the two greyhounds interact is a beautiful thing. We dug a little and found that our two guys have the same grandfather.

We can't imagine our lives without May Fly now. Yes, we rescued them, but both May Fly and Mikey have also changed our lives. I believe they have made us better people because they bring beauty and humor into each new day. There's a lot to be said of the human/dog bond and with these two guys, we intend to enforce the bond every day.