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Miss Nellie

UPDATE - 2/27/02: Miss Nellie the Neapolitan Mastiff, has been adopted by a great family and is doing wonderfully. Thanks to all who were concerned about this beautiful Neo, and all the best to Miss Nellie and her new folks!

Worden Willis normally rescues Old English Sheepdogs down in southeast Florida. In June of this year, she 'got away from herself' and rescued from the Miami pound a sweet, four-year-old, 105-pound Neopolitan Mastiff. In July, she placed Miss Nellie in a home in Richmond, Virginia, and within twelve hours they had dumped the dog in the Richmond Pound. Worden jumped in her car and flew north to spring her free!

Miss Nellie
This is a picture of Worden Willis and Miss Nellie, on their way back to southern Florida.

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