Backup Pack
"You get what you raise."
(Rescued 2007-2014)

Every once in a while someone or something enters your life and changes everything. A series of seemingly unrelated signs ranging from The Dog Whisperer to Vachss' Burke character led me to Boxer Rescue LA. One dog was brought out to me that day by the handlers at the BRLA, a Boxer/Pit mix (named Ali after Muhammad Ali) renamed Svach (short for svatcheem). I was ready for a dog and the "right" dog appeared. The pieces just fell into place and Svach took his place, right by my side. Svach made me a better person and taught me so much about myself and my world. Charming, joyful, good-humored, so loyal, extraordinarily handsome, fierce, unstoppable, indestructible and unforgettable are just some of the words to describe Svach. A companion 24/7, Svach was the steadfast companion through challenge and triumph.

He'll be missed but NEVER forgotten!

Vince & JM

My name is Svach—short for Sfachime. I'm a Boxer-and-something mix—what the "something" is, we really don't know. Someone foolishly gave me up and I wound up at Boxer Rescue of LA. That's where my Master found me. I have a new Master, literally and figuratively: he is a martial arts master. That's lucky for me—I get to spend every day by his side in the karate studio. Yeah, sweet deal: I do my thing and get tons of affection from the kids coming through daily. I'm 57 pounds of "tuff love!"

Don't come in the studio unannounced—you need an intro from my master. Then we'll be friends for life. I'm rough and tough and definitely look the part, but deep down, my heart is bigger than my bite. Oh, if you're a squirrel or another dog …? Back off. If you're a kid, big or small …? Let's get the belly-rubbing on. Don't be fooled by the pool, I'm there 'cause there's birds that need chasing.

Always on alert and ready for anything, life is good. "Listen up, be respectful and bring on the love"—that's my deal!