Backup Pack


Zeke with two of his best pals,
John Giovine and Cat Saunders (Summer 1994).

On July 6, 2001, Zeke died peacefully in the arms of Sally Giovine-Kerr (his person), her son John Giovine and John's partner, Cat Saunders. Zeke was 13.

The following description of John's and Zeke's special connection comes from a tongue-in-cheek article that Cat wrote in 1994, entitled: "I Love John Because He Treats Me Like a Dog."

Zeke is about 100 pounds of Rottweiler, German shepherd, and Doberman. He actually lives with John's mom, Sally Giovine-Kerr, but everyone—including Sally—knows that Zeke is completely devoted to John.

Much to Sally's consternation, Zeke totally ignores her commands whenever John gets within 100 feet of the Giovine-Kerr house. Seeing John and Zeke together is like watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance: you wouldn't think of cutting in.

If you'd like to read about Zeke's final day on earth, click on the link below to see "A Warrior Dog's Last Dance: Confronting Death with Dignity and Grace."