Backup Pack

ZeusThis dashing chap is Zeus (King of the Dogs), abandoned on a Georgia roadside early this year by fools who had no idea what they were giving up, who then wandered into Paul and Sandy Cancro's yard (and hearts), graciously permitting them to feed him, house him, enjoy his company—and bail him out of trouble.

Zeus is approximately two, and the vet believes him to be an AmStaff/Shepherd cross (though Paul thinks it's more likely he's a genius/con artist cross!). If he looks a little camera-shy, it's only because these are his mug shots.

Zeus is a loyal companion to Paul and Sandy, and fierce protector of their granddaughter, his pal and playmate. Over the summer, the baby was startled by a "big metal monster" cruising slowly (and loudly) by the house. Not one to stand by while his friends are menaced, Zeus immediately charged forward and attacked, impressing everyone on the block...with the exception of the police officers piloting the "metal monster." Yes, the monster was a squad car, and Zeus—never one to drop a bite!—managed to completely detach the plastic piece that passes for a rear bumper these days.

ZeusThey must have known he was a wily one, because four cars—local P.D. and County Sheriff—were called out to deal with the menace (apparently someone used the term "pit bull"). Paul and Sandy, not about to see their great friend condemned to death for property damage, stood by Zeus in his time of need—as Paul says, "He didn't even draw oil!"

A judge eventually agreed, and Zeus's life was spared (though Paul and Sandy had to cough up many hundred dollars in fines and damage costs). They all agree that it's a small price indeed, for the privilege of being able to continue hanging with one outstanding dog.