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Zero Pack
The Guardians of the Zero—Germany

Andreas, who coordinates the German version of The Zero, has employed a special pack of Rhodesian Ridgebacks to protect that site. No intruders are getting past Wincent, Eddie, and Ziyal, or their new brother, "General" Martok!

Wincent, Eddie, Ziyal and "General" Martok:
The guardians of The Zero—Germany
Wincent, Eddie, Ziyal
Wincent, Eddie, and Ziyal

"General" Martok
"General" Martok is the most recent addition to the German Guardians—and still a pup, at 6 months old. Like his Klingon namesake, this Eurasian is a rough diamond who is good at heart ... and he really loves children!

'General' Martok
"General" Martok
Wincent Wincent and kids

110 pounds of Rhodesian-Ridgeback muscle. No way to enter the house without his permission. Getting older, sure, but none of the other dogs in the neighborhood want to find out if he can beat them.

Rhodesian Ridgeback and some-kind-of-greyhound mix. Eddie was an inmate in a shelter where they wanted to put him to sleep. In his eyes you can still see the Lionhunter, even if the cats he likes to chase are a little bit smaller than their relatives in Africa.

ZiyalZiyal, Flying Fur

Rhodesian Ridgeback. The flying fur ... Ziyal was saved as a terrified four-month-old puppy from a shutdown factory. Always happy to welcome us back home in an almost enthusiastic way ... and absolutely disappointed at not being allowed to drive away any visitor who comes close to her front yard.


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