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Mickey the Pit Bull

Mickey the Pit Bull one year offf the streets

Mickey the Pit Bull, one year off the streets

Mickey was picked up as a stray in the Bronx and taken to Animal Control. When Maggie Estep adopted him, he weighed 27 pounds (half his healthy weight) and was all ribs and ears. Mickey wasn’t housebroken, didn’t know how to walk on a leash, or even bark. Within a few months of moving in with Maggie, Mickey felt secure enough to start having a puppyhood at the age of two. He ate many shoes, belts, books, pillows, watches, and phones before finally learning to chew HIS toys. Though he lives on a farm now, Mickey’s favorite thing is riding to town where he prances proudly, tries to lick total strangers, and strongly urges Maggie to take him to the hardware store where he shoplifts anything made of rubber or leather. Now about five years old, Mickey is learning advanced obedience and intends to be licensed as a therapy dog so he can accost and lick people who actually want to be accosted and licked.

Mickey the Pit Bull, one week off the streets

Mickey the Pit Bull, one week off the streets

Mickey and Rosie are sweethearts

Mickey with his best friend, Rosie


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