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Zero Pack


Click here for an update on this ex-con canine!

Rio. Age: approximately four years. DOB and parents unknown. DNA says Doberman-Malinois mixed-breed. Fast and furious. Three years in prison due to grievous bodily harm. Solitary confinement. Negative social outlook. Suspended to probation for six months. Unbribable, doesn’t set his heart on someone for a piece of sausage. Prefers professional parole officers who act calm, clear and reasonable and teach him that he doesn’t have to put away two- and four-legged enemies anymore. Now well on the way to becoming a member of society without attracting any attention.

Charges of murdering cats had to be dropped. False allegations.


Size doesn’t matter. Don’t mess with the small guy.

Rio's person checked in to show us what a year of proper training can do for a dog. To watch the YouTube video he shared with us, click here.