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Trojan Horses
The Getaway Man
by Andrew Vachss

The Getaway Man by Andrew Vachss
Vintage, 2003 (trade paperback)
Vintage, 2003 (eBook/Kindle)
Brilliance, December 01, 2011 (audiobook)

Andrew Vachss, a writer widely acclaimed for breathing new life and death into the crime genre, here presents a classic noir tale, relentlessly displaying and dissecting not guilt, but innocence.

Eddie starts stealing cars long before he's old enough to get a license. Driven by a force so compelling that he never questions, just obeys. After a series of false starts, interrupted by stays in juvenile institutions, he connects with two brothers, professional criminals who make Eddie one of their own. But, when their last job goes to hell—alarms blaring, and police sirens closing fast—Eddie stands his ground at the wheel....

In prison Eddie's skills and loyalty come to the attention of J.C., a notorious and respected hijacker. When he gets out, Eddie becomes the driver for J.C.'s crew. But J.C. is looking to pull off that one huge job every con dreams of ... The Retirement Score. The road looks clear until Vonda, J.C.'s voluptuous girlfriend, lets Eddie know she needs a getaway man of her own....

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(Andrew Vachss reads from The Getaway Man)

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"Vachss has updated the classic noir thriller, and set a new standard. The Getaway Man is taut and understated, inexorable in its deepening moral ambiguity. Eddie, the getaway man is a brilliant achievement, simple but not stupid, as steady on the wheel as Vachss' prose style, Eddie remains an honorable innocent in a world of slowly revealed depravity."

—Robert Ferrigno, author of The Horse Latitudes

"I loved The Getaway Man. Andrew Vachss has been a personal favorite since Flood and the start of his long, impressive career. I've read every novel he's written and am absolutely spellbound yet again as he flexes his considerable powers in this fascinating reinvention of the classic Gold Medal original paperbacks that many writers, including myself, went to for story-telling lessons in the 1960s. This lean, fast, sharp, compelling tale of a professional getaway driver is the real deal. An instant classic."

—David Morrell, author of First Blood

"Sometimes the writer is just the guy who drives the car, the unobtrusive wheelman who keeps his mouth shut and his eyes on the road and takes the characters where they need to go. That's the way it feels in The Getaway Man, the vehicle for Andrew Vachss' mesmerizing character study of a naive young career criminal by the name of Eddie. Writing in a style so sleekly engineered that it purrs when you pop the hood, Vachss gives such a smooth ride that it's easy to forget someone is driving this thing."

—The New York Times Book Review

"Whoosh. As slick and enjoyable as a vintage Jim Thompson paperback or a Saturday afternoon at the bijou."


"As terse and as dark as 12-bar blues, this is prime Vachss."


"The surprise ending is so abrupt that it will cause most readers to jam on the brakes and wonder where the road went, but it's smooth sailing right up to the edge of the cliff."

—Publisher's Weekly

"Vachss's reverence for storytelling is evident in the blunt beauty of his language." —Chicago Sun Times

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The Getaway Man by Andrew Vachss
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Andrew Vachss
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The Getaway Man by Andrew Vachss



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