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Ellis Amdur

I am both a consultant specializing in trainings for and intervention with those who face hostile and aggressive individuals. In addition, I am one of only a handful of non-Japanese ever to become fully licensed as an instructor in a koryu (pre-modern martial tradition).

I run a company called Edgework which provides training to police (dealing with mentally ill people and also in hostage negotiation) as well as other trainings to a number of other groups such as mental health professionals, child protective investigators, businesses and high school students.

All of my trainings focus on finding a way to establish peace, or at least safety, when dealing with enraged, suicidal or emotionally disturbed people.

I am recognized, I believe, for my breadth of knowlege, humor and ability to take on the behaviors of mentally ill and intoxicated individuals with such graphic effect that one sheriff's deputy complimented me at a hostage negotiation training by saying, "Ellis, if you ever do go nuts, we've decided to shoot you on sight."

For those with questions about Edgework, I can be contacted at the website linked below.

EDGEWORK: Crisis Intervention Training
E-mail Ellis Amdur at:
Phone: 206-781-3588


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