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Message Board Notice

The Zero's Message Board has been discontinued.

While of benefit to some, and of interest to others, we concluded we could no longer spend the time checking for (and finding) attempted forged and/or faked posts. Nor could we spare the time to deal with assorted humans whose pathetically transparent agenda fouled the stream of interchange.

In addition, it became apparent that a handful of individuals had no interest in The Zero or its mission, but merely went straight to the Message Board, via bookmark, on a daily basis, to post their "editorials." We can well understand why they did not simply establish their own websites—pontification is difficult without an audience—but we were inundated with requests to remove their lengthy, off-topic posts as well as demands that we not practice "censorship." Bluntly, we have other work to do. Besides, there are a virtually endless number of newsgroups, forums, chats, and message boards to accommodate the personal needs of such individuals.

The Message Board was an experiment. It was not a success (although it certainly had its value). We hope that Zero viewers who found the Message Board to be useful will start one (or more) of their own. But, at this time, we have no plans to resurrect ours.


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