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Mandy McCartin

All these paintings are of real people living on the edges of society, emotional moments in the struggle to survive.

Another Night  1996 Mandy McCartin
"Another Night" © 1996 Mandy McCartin

ANOTHER NIGHT was inspired by the
many prostitutes in Soho, London.

As an artist with a working class background, I have always made work about real life which I hope will communicate to any audience. However I eventually discovered that this attitude was not the key to artworld success—quite the opposite in fact. I should have been making art about art, the more obscure and pseudo-intellectual the better.

Consequently, as I refuse to sell out, I find myself without a gallery or agent to help me promote and sell my work. So if any of you viewing this site have got any ideas, please e-mail me. And if there are any people with the money to buy large paintings who are not afraid of uncompromising imagery ... I can be contacted at Wordpress.

Site Specific  1996 Mandy McCartin
"Site Specific" © 1996 Mandy McCartin

SITE SPECIFIC The title is a pun on conceptual art—the site in this painting is an Irish traveller campsite in the East End of London.

Rescue Me  1996 Mandy McCartin
"Rescue Me" © 1996 Mandy McCartin

RESCUE ME I saw a moment of tenderness for a sick pigeon from a hard-looking man who looked in need of care himself.


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