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Artwork and Text By: Madison Clell

Madison Clell's autobiographical comic Cuckoo is an informative, entertaining, and well-written look into the life of a woman with Dissociative Identity Disorder, more commonly refered to as Multiple Personality Disorder. If all you know about DID is what you saw/read in "Sybil," you'll be surprised by this more down-to-earth depiction; and if you suffer from the disorder yourself, you may find comfort in reading about how another person deals with the symptoms.

Cuckoo - Artwork and Text by Madison Clell

Look for it in your local bookstore or comic-book store, or order it directly from the publisher by sending $4.50 to:

Madison Clell
c/o Green Door Studios
236 West Portal Avenue #102
San Francisco CA 94127

Or click here to visit Ms. Clell's web site.



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