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True Blues
Mark Hennessy and Paw

Boot didn't just hold yesterday's treasures, he carried tomorrow's crop too. A back-country hard-edged band with a lead singer who knew all about pain pounded over the speakers. "That's Paw," a busty young woman in a white T-shirt with DON'T! BUY! THAI! blazed across the front in red letters said to me. "Mark Hennessy's singing. Don't you think he's amazing? That's where I got this shirt—at one of his concerts."

—excerpted from page 22 of False Allegations by Andrew Vachss
© 1996 Andrew Vachss. All rights reserved.

Poet-bluesman Mark Hennessy penned "Max the Silent." Available on Paw's Death to Traitors CD, via A&M Records.

"Please take Paw into your hearts. They're one of the few bands that realise there's no point in turning up to play live unless you're going to leave people's legs shaking, and they will give you back every ounce of love that you give to them ...

Worth dying for? Of course not. But the only band for whom I'd hesitate for a second before answering."

—Martin Bate, Consumable Magazine

Mark Hennessy and Paw


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