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The Confidence Course
by Walter Anderson
HarperCollins, 1998, trade paperback.


  1. Know who is responsible.
    Accept personal responsibility for your behavior. When you say, "I am responsible," you can build a new life, even a new world.

  2. Believe in something big.
    Your life is worth a noble motive.

  3. Practice tolerance.
    You will like yourself a lot more, and so will others.

  4. Be brave.
    Remember, courage is acting with fear, not without it. If the challenge is important to you, you're supposed to be nervous.

  5. Love someone.
    Because you should know joy.

  6. Be ambitious.
    No single effort will solve all of your problems, achieve all of your dreams, or even be enough. To want to be more than we are is real and normal and healthy.

  7. Smile.
    Because no one else can do this for you.

© 1998 Walter Anderson. All rights reserved.


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