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All I Have Is Blue
by James Colbert

All I Have Is Blue by James Colbert"Jim Colbert's All I Have Is Blue is wonderfully eccentric, with nutty, even rabid, characterizations, and a fine Southern sensibility for the absurd, like finding a razor blade in your persimmon."
Joe R. Lansdale

"Jim Colbert writes the way a soft-nosed bullet hits—goes in nice and clean and leaves a hell of an impression. This is social commentary with a surgeon's touch wrapped in the narrative force of a pile driver. Strong, sweet, and subtle."
Andrew Vachss

"A Big Easy murder mystery that's as tangy as Cajun cooking. Not only does the detective have style, but so does the author."
David Morrell

"James Colbert has written a superior crime novel ringing with truth. A superb job by a writer with a great future."
Nicholas Pileggi


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