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Only Child: The Chocolate Book

Only Child - The Chocolate BookDuring his stop in Chicago on the Only Child tour, Andrew Vachss was given an amazing gift by the Four Seasons hotel: a reproduction of Only Child in chocolate. The handmade artisan confection was produced in the same dimensions as the novel, but the difference between the weight of a book made of paper and one made of chocolate turns out to be significant—the chocolate version clocked in at well over ten pounds! (No way Knopf will be switching formats anytime soon.)

The gourmet treat was displayed at the Centuries & Sleuths event, a joint appearance with Mike Black, author of A Killing Frost, in Chicago before being delivered to the Inspiration Cafe, a restaurant for homeless people in Uptown [4554 N. Broadway, Phone 773-878-0981], just down the block from where Mr. Vachss directed the Uptown Community Organization back in the '70s. By all estimates, it should have provided a nice piece of world-class chocolate with every meal served for a few weeks, minimum.

Mr. Vachss sends his thanks to the Four Seasons for this astounding gift, and to outstanding author Zak Mucha, who, besides being a superb writer, turns out to be an excellent photographer.

Only Child - The Chocolate Book Only Child - The Chocolate Book


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