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Next time someone tells you how "awesome" it was watching the Olympics in China, ask them if they have a Yahoo email address--then send them here:

Information supplied by Yahoo! helped journalist Shi Tao get 10 years in prison
published September 6, 2005, by Reporters Without Borders

Yahoo helped Chinese to prosecute journalist
published September 8, 2005, by the International Herald Tribune

Yahoo Says It Gave China Internet Data
published September 11, 2005, by the The Washington Post

Online Firms Facing Questions About Censoring Internet Searches in China
published February 15, 2006, by The New York Times

Testimony of Michael Callahan, senior vice president and general counsel, Yahoo! Inc., before the subcommittees on Africa, global human rights and international operations, and Asia and the Pacific [pdf 116 kb]
published February 15, 2006, by The New York Times

Yahoo!, Microsoft ink web pact with Chinese government
published August 24, 2007, by The Register

Democratic leader to Yahoo CEO: China policy is 'spineless'
published November 6, 2007, by CNET Networks, Inc.

Yahoo Settles Chinese Dissident Lawsuit
published November 24, 2007, by PC World Communications, Inc.

China limits Olympics journalistsí web access
published July 30, 2008, by the Financial Times

"[W]inter Olympian Joey Cheek had his visa revoked by China because of his prominent role with Team Darfur."
Team Darfur member chosen to carry U.S. flag
as published August 6, 2008, by USA TODAY

Behind the scenes: Internet police out in force for the Olympics
published August 7, 2008, by

"China's propaganda ministry moved in today, deleting many online discussion entries and blocking access to video links showing Lin's lip-syncing. ... Enormous secrecy surrounded the lead-up to the ceremony. Korean television reporters were chastised for leaking footage of a practice run, while those working on the production were told they faced seven years' imprisonment for disclosing details."
China abuzz over lip-syncing singer in Olympics opening ceremony
published August 13, 2008, by the Los Angeles Times

China blocks iTunes over all-star Tibet album free download
published August 22, 2008, by The Times

"Although Yang had publicly expressed his desire to remain at the helm, Yahoo's board faced intensifying pressure to cast him aside as the company's shares plunged to their lowest levels since early 2003. The stock fell 19 cents Monday to close at $10.63 - a fraction of Microsoft's last bid of $33 per share in early May."
Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang stepping down as chief executive
published November 18, 2008, by

"China remained the only big power still to retain an authoritarian system that so infringes human rights, it said."
Leading Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo, arrested over freedom charter
published December 10, 2008 by The Times

"It is not the role of the government to decide what people can see and do on the Internet. Those are personal decisions that should be made by individuals and their families."
Anti-Online Porn Law Dies Quietly in Supreme Court
published January 22, 2009 by

Hillary Clinton says human rights aren't as important as business. Yahoo!
Clinton: Chinese human rights can't interfere with other crises
published February 22, 2009 by

Leading Tiananmen Square dissident arrested
published June 24, 2009, by

China babies 'sold for adoption'
published July 2, 2009, by BBC News


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