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Lies on top of lies!

Sean Parlaman crawled out from under his rock again in early 1998. Here's the response that was posted against his manipulative attempt to create credibility for himself.

This is radio personality Clyde Lewis' response after being spammed with Sean Parlaman's e-mail attacks against Andrew Vachss. [Letters from Sompop Jantraka follow.]

November 12, 1996 - Tuesday
RE: Final Comments


I have a few parting (and final) comments to your e-mail.

You are not " appeal to [me]"... You are writing to me (and to everyone else) because you so desperately desire attention and your own personal spotlight.

Andrew Vachss has never "attack[ed] all Thai people and their culture and morals;" he has never"lied about the Thai tourism authorities;" nor does he "[exploit] children for pleasure or profit." You and only YOU make those vile claims.

Further, Mr. Vachss is not "opposed by every major non-profit and NGO in Thailand" - but you wouldn't know that, because you've never spoken with Sompop Jantraka of the DEPDC. In fact, you are not a member of any such group, and never have been. You were a short-term "student intern" who volunteered to set up websites for various NGOs to help them raise funds. And then you awarded yourself various "leadership" titles such as "spokesman," posted your own picture on the sites, and pretended you were actually involved in a struggle about which you know nothing. Every posting was simply a self-generated piece of nonsense purporting to be "news" on the struggle against kiddie sex tourism when it actually was not only about you, but by you as well.

"Mr. Vachss has only joined these ranks...?" What the HELL are you talking about? Mr. Vachss has been a True Warrior for children the last 30+ years! His record is public knowledge and is undisputed. Only someone who obviously doesn't know and is too lazy to check would even contemplate otherwise, much less make a fool of himself by actually writing it down. Where have you been? Do you only read comic books?

The Associated Press national release from 96-08-28 ran this... "The number of child prostitutes isn't known. The Thai government estimates the country has 40,000, but UNICEF puts the figure at 300,000." This clearly disputes your assertion that Mr. Vachss is coming up with these figures. UNICEF said this to the Associated Press. No where in this article is Mr. Vachss quoted or mentioned as the source for these figures. And YOU expect me to "confront" Mr. Vachss with something he never said? "Confront" him with something You Made Up? Your obsession is showing Parlaman. Your obsession with Mr. Vachss is painfully obvious. Here's what actually happened: You read a "Batman" comic Mr. Vachss wrote, decided that you wanted to be "The Warrior," added quotes from that book to your own "credentials," and assumed the identity ... in your own little mind. Just as when you read on the Don't! Buy! Thai! Home Page about a French journalist who bought a little girl out of prostitution in Thailand, you started bragging that you had done the same. What was that little girl's name, Parlaman? Where is she now? How can others contact her to verify your fantasy-story?

Just because you make up your sources...(Dateline Bangkok. And "Taay Maak" magazine. Sure, you pitiful creature. Don't think your sorry game of creating "magazines" in which you are "quoted" hasn't been exposed long ago?) do not assume that everyone will believe your besmirchments of a credible Warrior like Mr. Vachss. Do your delusions lead you to believe this is how a True Warrior behaves? Or did you learn this from your extensive comic book reading?

What about that "Press Conference" on the front steps of Dark Horse you were going to lead as the "spokesperson" for CAPCAT? There was a meeting at Dark Horse with representatives from CAPCAT and they never met you. And they certainly did not recognize you as their "Coordinator." Are you the only one that would have been there shouting your pitiful (undocumented) claims? And what about your sly insinuations to me on the phone when you called the station claiming Mr.Vachss was being "investigated" by the State Department? (A claim you never would put in writing.) Is this how a true warrior behaves? Or a weasel who (rightfully) fears the libel and slander laws?

Your obvious lies are tiring. Please don't insult me or any other real journalist with any quotes from "magazines" or quotes from "press releases" that you yourself created. As a "graduate-student," you know if you tried to cite yourself as a source for your own investigative findings, you'd be laughed at. Your lack of morality is respulsive. Since you have spent so much time investigating Mr. Vachss, you know the work he has done, where he has done that work and who he has done that work for. Your own credentials are entirely self-created. One does not earn the title "journalist" by writing stories, "quoting" oneself, posting those same stories on the Internet and then citing those same self-promoting fantasies as "fact." (Attempting traducement of a great man with your spiteful games is contemptible.) And the title of "Warrior" Mr. Parlaman is awarded by others, not by oneself. Tens of thousands have awarded that title to Mr. Vachss. How many voted it for you? Perhaps the same massive horde of "followers" who elected you to positions such as "spokesman" or "coordinator" of (alleged) organizations which list only you as their "membership?"

Slimy tricks such as telephoning Dark Horse and posing as a reporter with so-called "news" about Andrew Vachss... "news" the cowardly caller never would have had the courage to utter under his own name because we have harsh laws against such libel and slander; or calling and faxing Night Flight pretending to be an individual interested in the boycott and then posting deliberate misinformation on the CAPCAT website the next day claiming Andrew Vachss is profiting from the sale of Don't! Buy! Thai! t-shirts are tiresome and transparent. Only an obsessive stalker and/or low degenerate would entertain himself with such repulsive little games. They don't fool anyone. And anyone with any knowledge of voiceprint technology might be well advised to refrain from such pitiful conduct. But perhaps you believe this is how a "true warrior" behaves. Of course, a "true" anything would not attempt to assume the identity of another... that is the act of a self-hating coward.

Your sick obsession with Mr. Vachss is obvious. If it was "boycotts" you so vehemently oppose, why aren't you attacking Martin Luther King or Jesse Jackson ... or the folks boycotting tuna companies which net dolphins, or those who sell fur coats? You don't have a problem with boycotts, have a problem with your lack of an identity. It's not the Don't! Buy! Thai! Boycott or the KCNR interviews, or anything else that you care about. It's Mr. Vachss that you are obsessed with. Instead of emulating his great example as a True Warrior to us all, your jealous and foul accusations are pitiful attempts of bringing attention and recognition (of any kind) to yourself. How sad. See your obsession for what it is - everyone else can. Each attempt you make only brings that into focus for more people.

You are alone because no one will offer loyalty to a degenerate. When you accuse someone with such impeccable credentials as Andrew Vachss of being a degenerate -- when you say he exploits children and when you call him a freak -- you only degenerate yourself. You do not act like a man and therefore can not be mistaken for a warrior. Your Internet address would be comical if it wasn't so pathetic. Using "The Warrior" as your e-mail address means anyone who wants to call you the liar, coward, and "identity thief" you really are must address you by that self-awarded "title." Is this your idea of bending reality to suit your fantasies? Your technique ... of looking up any mention of Mr. Vachss' name on the Internet, then contacting people who never heard of you with one of your nauseating little "communiques" and then e-mailing the contacts with personal news about yourself ... like your so-called martial arts studies or your graduate school grades or your marriage plans ... is all designed to further the illusion that you have "friends" who have any interest in your personal life. You live only in two places; your twisted sorry mind and the Internet. And the first compels you to believe the latter is your Welcome Mat.

You expect me to believe YOU are "the" spokesperson for Thailand? A "warrior" in Oregon? Would a warrior take an existing coalition like CAPCAT and take credit from the people that are actually fighting in Thailand to stop the sexual exploitation of children? Would a real warrior claim to be its "coordinator" and honor those Thai people by running his own picture on that same website? When you, as "the" CAPCAT "spokesperson" accuse Mr. Vachss of foul and disgusting crimes against all humanity, YOU destroy the credibility of CAPCAT.

If you want comrades, do what the rest of us did: earn them. There is an auto-erotic quality to your selfgenerated "warriorhood" that turns our stomach. Instead of persisting in your delusion that your attempted assassination of the character of a man you could never hope to emulate in any way, perhaps you should really do something for yourself...something that might actually change your life: seek professional help. You have a nebulous fortress that can be penetrated with a weapon as simple as "Truth." No True Warrior would bother with your wretched self-serving lies when anyone who wants to be a man, an honorable warrior, has Mr. Vachss as "the" shining example of how to behave.

You have used resources of legitimate agencies and organizations to self-promote and to lie. You have used your self-awarded "leadership" positions to attack a man who has devoted his entire life to fight the very thing you claim to be a warrior against.

There are plenty of people who oppose the boycott for good and honorable reasons.We have engaged in dialog with those people and will find ways we can work together to fight what we all agree must be stopped. But your interests are only:

a) your obsessions, and
b) self-promotion

so naturally, you have never tried to be part of that dialog.

I am tired of your continued, foul accusations regarding Mr. Vachss. You will no longer contaminate my life with your obsessive slandering against Mr. Vachss and his courageous work. I will have no more of it. Ever. If you believe Mr. Vachss never expressed an interest in the issues of ending child exploitation in Thailand then you have no real ability to do any sort of research that you can not personally create for your own use. Or is that another or your so-called "warrior" posturing?

Clyde Lewis

Below are excerpts from letters written by Sompop Jantraka, Director of Development and Education Programme for Daughters and Communities [allegedly one of Parlaman's personal heroes [d] see his quotes below]...regarding Parlaman's misrepresentation of CAPCAT and NGO groups in Thailand. Parlaman has repeatedly attacked Andrew Vachss, personally and professionally, in the name of these groups ... in his role as "spokesman." The truth is otherwise. In fact, the opposite. Sompop Jantraka clearly states several times, to several people on separate occasions, just how removed Parlaman is from Sompop's work and how Parlaman could not possibly be a "representative" or "spokesperson" for the groups he has gathered information about to put on the CAPCAT website. Note the following:

[a] Parlaman says Sompop does not support Andrew Vachss. Sompop says he does.

Of course, as soon as Parlaman is discredited as the "spokesman" or "leader" of one group, he emerges in the same role for another. Parlaman's "leadership" is always distinguished by the same fact: he has no followers.

[b] Parlaman says he is the co-founder of CAPCAT.

There is, of course, a difference between being the "founder" of a website and founder of an organization. Parlaman "donated" the website to CAPCAT ... and constructed a link to his own grostesquely selfaggrandizing homepage on it.

[c] Sompop does not support Parlaman or his attacks on Andrew Vachss.

Sompop does not recognize Parlaman as a "spokesman," a "leader," or even a participant in his own efforts except for the "free" website.

[d] Parlaman goes into rhapsody about his awesome respect for Sompop...meeting him was one of the greatest moments of his life, etc. [See quotes below.]

Why are Sompop's words so important? Because in addition to the international respect Sompop has earned for his battles against the prostitution of children in Thailand (see "News Flash" 1/17/97 on Don't! Buy! Thai! website), Parlaman himself professes awesome admiration for Sompop too. Here are some of Parlaman's own words:

" ...would encourage anyone to contact the Daughter's program for themselves, and ask Ajarn Sompop [Jantraka] [d] — who I consider to be the greatest person I've ever met and one of the world's great men..." Posted on Deja News 1/12/97 Subject: Daughter's Education Programme

"...those [great individuals] whose words shaped my youth—Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.— and those who I've met and spoken with as an adult—Nelson Mandela, Sompop Jantraka..." Posted on Deja News 1/28/97 Subject: Thailand: Child Rights Background

And now for Sompop's Own Words:

Excerpt from Letter written by Sompop Jantraka to Lou Bank at Dark Horse Comics

November 21, 1996

Dear Lou,

I hope that this letter will give you an understanding of my situation regarding CAPCAT, Sean Parlaman and of where I stand regarding his attacks on Andrew Vachss. [a] From this information you may phrase your report to your supporters accordingly.

Back in March 1996 KSC Internet called for NGO's in Thailand who were dealing with the child prosititution issue to give information to them for publicity through a web page. My staff at DEPDC responded to this call and we were consequently [b] visited by Sean Parlaman in August. My public relations staff have happily accepted his offer to provide publicity for us and provided him with further information and a tour of the site here in Mae Sai.

Subsequently, we became listed on the CAPCAT page you have seen. My political views and whether or not I supported D!B!T! and Andrew Vachss were not a part of this agreement. From the copies of email messages you have sent to us, I can see that Parlaman is strongly opposed to your activities. I would like it known that Parlaman does not represent my feelings and does not speak for DEPDC... [c] The CAPCAT organization is providing us with publicity, that is all. There has been no further contact with CAPCAT and DEPDC...

I am happy to report on our meeting as I believe that forming links between organizations such as DEPDC and passionate supporters such as you, Andrew and your supporters is vital. [a]

I am happy for you to let people know that Parlaman does not represent DEPDC or the other organizations he has listed. [c]

Yours sincerely,

Sompop Jantraka

Excerpt from Letter written to Andrew Vachss from Sompop Jantraka

January 15, 1997

Dear Andrew,

I am happy for you to let anybody know that my organization, the Development and Education Programme for Daughters and Communities, does not support Sean Parlaman's statements and he does not speak for us. [c]

I will attempt to contact Sean Parlaman direct to inform him of our wishes for him to not use DEPDC's name in his attacks. If he does not stop empowering himself with our name [c] we will ask to be dropped from CAPCAT completely as it is not worth the publicity it gives us.

I hope we can continue to be partners [a] in our work for children's rights, your support is valuable to me.

Yours sincerely,

Sompop Jantraka

Excerpt from Letter written by Sompop Jantraka to Mimi Carroll

February 19, 1997

Dear Ms. Carroll,

I am grateful and enthusiastic about the work and passion that many people have displayed in working to stop the tragedy of the child prostitution problem in Thailand.

I support your motives and efforts and those of good men like Andrew Vachss [a] who I am proud to know and respect.

On behalf of staff and girls, thank you again for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Sompop Jantraka

Everyone should be aware that e-mail to the CAPCAT site goes to Parlaman personally, ["To submit a message to this board, please send it in the form of an e.mail to CAPCAT at"—this is one of Parlaman's many screen names] Anyone e-mailing to CAPCAT is thus forced to address Parlaman as "Warrior" (his self-awarded title) and to treat the material as he wishes. —Mimi Carroll

After reviewing Parlaman's hundreds and hundreds of posts (which are either attacks on Andrew Vachss or advertisements for himself), we asked an expert for his analysis. Here is the response: "Liars lie."


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