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In December they held a fundraiser for their anti-Thai boycott campaign, and six of their teenage followers -- fueled by the anti-Asian rhetoric they heard -- later attacked a 14-year-old Thai- American girl in Salt Lake City. See the Reuter's story on soc.culture.thai (in Dejanews archive) at: hitnum=1

See what leading children's rights groups in Thailand have to say about this failed comic book publicity stunt in an article from the human rights news agency Gemeni News Service at:

And why the pedophile/Vachss/sex tour supports are angry at us in the following articles:

Human Rights Groups Fight Back as American Internet Sites Promote Sex Tourism (Inter Press Service)

Plug Pulled on Sex Tour Website (Prostitution:Where's the Solution) http://kcgl1.eng.ohiostate. edu/~jirapinyo/pullplug.html

Internet: autopista hacia las "vacaciones del amor" (Spanish) (El Mundo - Madrid, Spain) ....

As for my background, all of it is verifiable through the colleges and universities where I have done graduate and post-graduate work since 1994 working with educational and anti-child abuse programs in Thailand. Work from June 1994 to June 1996 (BA capstone/MA program): Southern Oregon University International Programs - Keith Chambers (Director) (541) 552-6336/; June-August 1996 (MA program): S.O.U. Global Graduates program - Selene Aitken (Director) (541) 552-6336/; and September 1996-January 1998 (post-MA work): Center for Asian/Pacific Studies, University of Oregon - Miyuki Taguchi (Director) (541) 346-5082/




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