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Speeches by Andrew Vachss

Telling the Truth: What It Costs, and What It's Worth
"Teaching should be a revered profession, as it is in other places. ... The highest paid person in the entire state of Colorado who works for the state is the football coach. Most universities, the football coach—and I'm sure this is the same in this place, too—[is] paid more than the most highest ranking, Pulitzer Prize–winning, Nobel Prize–candidate professor." Listen to Andrew Vachss' presentation at the Penn State Faculty Staff Club Forum, in October 2005.

Testimony before the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
"The greatest danger of the Internet to vulnerable children is not the display of kiddie porn ... it is the very real potential for enticement." Read the rest of Andrew Vachss' testimony before the NCLIS, presented on November 10, 1998.

Serious, Violent, and Habitual Juvenile Offenders
"When Charles Manson said, 'You can see me in the eyes of your ten–year–olds,' that was not an original line. We have been producing the life–style violent criminal for generations, and the factory has been the child protective and juvenile justice system." This 1982 speech by Andrew Vachss was so radical that people got up and left.



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