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Manchevski to bear NL 'CROSS'

by Josh Chatworth
Originally published in the Hollywood Reporter
October 10-12, 1997

Milcho Mancheveski, the Macedonian filmaker responsible for the Oscar-nominated Before the Rain, is set to write and direct New Line Cinema's Cross.

Based on Andrew Vachss and James Colbert's six-issue comic book series published by Dark Horse, the project is about a group of misfit mercenaries and childhood friends who fight urban crime. In conjunction with the film, the writers will also create three short novels on the same topic.

Lloyd Segan is producing the project, which was brought to the studio by New Line director of development Brian Witten. Witten and president of production Michael De Luca are supervising the film. Erik Ellner, New Line's executive director of business and legal affairs, brokered the deal for the studio.

Manchevski, who is repped by ICM's Ben Smith and Robert Newman, wrote and directed Before the Rain, which received a foreign-language Oscar nomination in 1994. The movie told the story of the tragic, far-reaching effects of ancient blood feuds and modern-day civil strife in the remnants of Yugoslavia. The movie is partially in English.

CROSS will begin shooting next summer. Manchevski is also attached to Fox 2000's Ravenous.

CROSS stories may be found in Andrew Vachss' BORN BAD collection.

Please see: Cross Movie Update


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