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Cross Movie Update

The "three short novels" referred to in the Hollywood Reporter "story" already exist. Two were by Jim Colbert and Andrew Vachss, the third was co-written with the notorious T. Rex Miller. Book #1, entitled Cross: Genesis is the property optioned by New Line, not the comic book.

The books had, in fact, already been sold in a 3-book deal but the writers pulled it because they wouldn't meet certain of Mr. Vachss and Mr. Colbert's terms and conditions.

Mr. Vachss & Mr. Colbert then decided to reverse the usual book-to-movie process, (with which Mr. Vachss is all-too-well experienced) by going with a movie first and then selling the book rights. They will not even attempt to do so until the first movie is in production.

As anyone who had read the Cross material in Born Bad knows, the crew is hardly "childhood friends who fight urban crime," ... in fact, it consists of abandoned and abused children who bonded in prison, in forced labor camps, and in the military. Mercenaries they are. And professional criminals as well. Nothing like Burke (as so many have speculated).

The guy who really made all this happen is Lloyd Segan, the man who put the "produce" in "producer." Now everyone can read Born Bad and go back to their casting discussions, because the comic book is no reference at all.


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