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Trojan Horses
Born Bad
A collection of short stories by Andrew Vachss

"We are taken not simply into the mean streets but into a subterranean nightmare world, a place as compelling and morally challenging as any to be found in the best crime fiction today."

Washington Post Book World

"[Vachss is] able to wring edginess from his portrayal of a society hovering beneath the radar."

Village Voice

"Vachss seems bottomlessly knowledgeable about the depth and variety of human twistedness."

The New York Times

Born Bad, a collection of short stories by Andrew Vachss
Vintage, 1994 (trade paperback)
Stage I cover
1st through 10th printings

Born Bad, a collection of short stories by Andrew Vachss
Vintage, 2000 (trade paperback)
Stage III cover
11th printing +

Knopf, 2001 (eBook/Kindle)

From a writer whose novels have been acclaimed for their unflinching exploration of evil comes a brilliant collection of short stories—some never before published—that distill dread back down to its essence—and inject it straight into the reader's back brain. Andrew Vachss might have scissored his characters from today's headlines: a stalker prowling an anonymous high-rise; a serial killer whose transgressions reflect a childhood of hideous abuse; an inner-city gunman who is willing to take out a block full of victims in order to win a moment of acceptance.

Tautly written and endowed with a murderous ironic spin, Born Bad plunges us into the hell that lies just outside our bedroom windows.

Born Bad is available at: and, and can be found at your local independent bookstore.

Read "Bum's Rush," "Cain," "Dead Game," "Lynch Law," "Mad Dog," "Witch Hunt," and "Step on a Crack," all of which appear in Born Bad.

Check out the other collections of Andrew Vachss' short stories: Everybody Pays and Mortal Lock.


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