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Trojan Horses
Everybody Pays
A collection of short stories by Andrew Vachss

"Vachss is a contemporary master."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Vachss' writing is like a dark roller coaster ride of fear, love and hate."

The Times- Picayune

"The best detective fiction being written ... [Vachss is] one of our most important writers."

Everybody Pays a collection of short stories by Andrew Vachss
Vintage, 1999 (trade paperback)
Knopf, 2001 (eBook/Kindle)

A hit man defies the confines of a life sentence to avenge his sister's batterer. An immaculately dressed man hires a street gang to extract his daughter from a Central American prison, for reasons as mysterious as they are deadly. A two-bit graffiti artist with a taste for Nazi-ganda finds himself face-to-face with three punks out to make a mark of their own—literally—with a tattoo needle.

From neo-noir master Andrew Vachss comes Everybody Pays, 38 white-knuckle rides into a netherworld of pedophiles and prostitutes, stick-up kids and fall guys—where private codes of right and wrong pulsate beneath a surface system of law and order. Here is the street-grit prose that has earned Vachss comparisons to Chandler, Cain, and Hammett—and the ingenious plot twists that transform the double-cross into an expression of retribution, the dark deed into a thing of beauty. Electrifying and enigmatic, Everybody Pays is a sojourn into the nature of evil itself—a trip made all the more frightening by its proximity to our front doorstep.

Everybody Pays is available at: and, and can be found at your local independent bookstore.

Read The Concrete Puppy, Dope Fiend, Dress-Up Day, Fireman, Proving It and The Real World, all of which appear in Everybody Pays.

Check out the other collections of Andrew Vachss' short stories: Born Bad and Mortal Lock.


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