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Trojan Horses
Safe House
by Andrew Vachss

Safe House by Andrew Vachss
Vintage, 1999 (trade paperback, ebook, Kindle)
Brilliance Audio, 2010 (audiobook)

Safe House CD cover

The Safe House soundtrack came out in 1998
but you can still sometimes find a used copy.

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In Burke, Andrew Vachss gave readers of crime fiction a hero they could believe in, an avenger whose sense of justice was forged behind bars and tempered on New York's meanest streets. In this blistering new thriller, Burke is drawn into his ugliest case yet, one that involves an underground network of abused women and the sleekly ingenious stalkers who've marked them as their personal victims.

Burke's client is Crystal Beth, a beautiful outlaw with a tattoo on her face and a mission burned into her heart. She's trying to shield one of her charges from a vengeful ex with fetishes for Nazism and torture. But the stalker has a protector, someone so informed, so ruthless, and so connected that he need only make a few phone calls to shut down Crystal Beth's operation for good—and Burke along with it. Sinuous in its complexities, brutal in its momentum, Safe House is Burke at the edge of his nerve and cunning. And it's Vachss at the peak of his form.

Andrew Vachss' Safe House
Knopf, 1998 (hardcover)

"Vachss is one of my favorite writers, and I never miss one of his books. He brings incredible passion and flair to the mystery genre. Safe House is one of Vachss' very best."

James Patterson

"Vachss' reverence for storytelling is evident in the blunt beauty of his language."

Chicago Sun-Times

"Vachss is the voice of righteousness confronting a powerful and cowardly evil."

James Ellroy

"The hardest-boiled crime fiction this side of Sing Sing."

USA Today

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