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"One man's solitary state of injustice"
Bob Herbert's Daily News article about the case of Colonel Nyati Bolt. When Herbert's column ran in 1988, Nyati Bolt had been in solitary confinement for 16 years, in a case described as "Kafkaesque. It's grotesque. There is no justification for keeping the man in there. But they won't let him go."

"Parole As Post Conviction Relief: The Robert Lewis Decision"
What makes this article crucial today, almost 28 years after publication, is that "Robert Lewis" is not merely the title of a legal decision, he is a man who suffered extraordinary hardships, and went on to accomplish extraordinary things.

Silent News
"The point of this story is simple. Had the client been defended by a less sensitive, competent, and scrupulous attorney, the lack of understanding of the first interpreter could have cost the client his freedom ... "

"Assault Rap For Son of Civic Leader"
"Charges were dismissed yesterday in Bronx Criminal Court against a 15-year-old youth who had been charged with shooting one of three men subsequently charged with robbing him."

"Getting Ground by the Wheels of Justice"
"[I]t was a matter of false arrest, and a valid, determined attempt by one policeman to start a riot. The cheap bullying by Lennihan of the 25th Precinct could only make things more complicated, more risky, for all those policemen who do the job so well." —Jimmy Breslin

The Matter of Tara H.
This case set a standard for corroboration of a child's out-of-court statements as being admissable as evidence in a case in New York's Family Court system, thus sparing the child the addtional stress of repeating such statements in in-court testimony. It was entered into law as Family Court Act § 1046 (a) (vi).

The Matter of Michael G.
"The acceptance of expert testimony in article 10 proceedings to validate a child's out-of-court statements is analogous to the acceptance by various courts of testimony by experts on similar psychological phenomena, not easily understood by the finder of fact ..."

The Case of T. Robert Clements
The reputed founder of the Scared Straight program who is now serving a three-year rape sentence in the State Correctional Institution at Graterford was ordered Thursday to stand trial for the rape last month of a Bridgeport woman. ... "I don't doubt the rape occurred," Vachss said. "I'm only saying my man didn't do it."

The Story of Unborn Baby B
Can a mother have her baby taken away at birth? No, but then Debbie B. is no mother—she's an abuser. Read about the precedent-setting Baby B case in which Andrew Vachss prevents child abuse.

Case Study: The Fresh Air Fund
Sexual abuse of children on Fresh Air Fund vacations? It sounded impossible. It was like saying the Red Cross promotes malaria or CARE causes malnutrition. Yet there was growing evidence, buttressed by several lawsuits, that children left in the care of this venerable charity were in danger of sexual assault.

Case Study: Angela Doe
"The idea of making a perpetrator responsible for his crime has a particular attractiveness when the criminal justice system hasn't done so." —Andrew Vachss


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