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The Zero's 10th Anniversary Gallery

Ten years is a long time by anyone's standards, but by Net standards, it's a lifetime. And that's what we're celebrating: The tenth anniversary of The Zero! We'll be celebrating by posting some interesting thoughts and great works by Friends of The Zero.

Greg Bueno, Webmaster 1995-1997
"The Internet looked a whole lot different in 1995. It was primarily the domain of government agencies and educational institutions. The World Wide Web was literally in its infancy, and browser software was in its first stages of development. Heck, Microsoft wasn't even a factor in those days."

Frank Caruso, Art & Animation
We continue the celebration with Frank Caruso's moving illustration of an Andrew Vachss quote.

Judy Ness, The Feather Series
Artist Judy Ness joins the celebration with a series of tapestries based on feathers.

"The Zero to Me: 10 Years Down and a Lifetime to Go" by Joel A. Dvoskin
"I have no idea why people check out The Zero the first time. But I know well why they come back, at least those that do. People come back to The Zero because they can handle the truth. And the best of you don't just handle the truth, you wield it like an ax."

"Gestalt" by Zak Mucha
"It's hard to explain a site that honors our dogs and provides academic research on human trafficking." That's what Zak Mucha writes—and, yet, exactly what he does—in "Gestalt," his essay in celebration of The Zero's tenth anniversary.

"Down in The Zero" by Sugardope
We've celebrated the tenth anniversary of The Zero with words and pictures. Now we add sound! Sugardope is a four-piece rock band from Oslo, Norway who describe their music as "influenced or inspired by Andrew Vachss' work and writings."

Rose Dawn Scott, RESOURCES Editor & Volunteer Coordinator
If you've ever used The Zero's Resources section, you've been the beneficiary of (some of) the outstanding work that Rose Dawn Scott has contributed to this ten-year-old website. Read Rose Dawn's essay about how she began volunteering with the site, and what it's meant to her, as we continue our celebration of a decade of The Zero!

Antoinette Curtis Ledzian, Collages
Original multimedia collages by Antoinette Curtis Ledzian.

Tony Fitzpatrick, "Blues for Fred Hampton"
One of TKO Tony Fitzpatrick's Chicago collages, taken from his critically acclaimed collection, The Wonder: Portraits of a Remembered City, Vol. 1.

"Dog Boy" by Olaf Havnes
What Olaf Havnes has done with The Zero is nothing less than amazing. The same can be said for "Dog Boy," an excerpt from Olaf's forthcoming book, The Last Nightwarrior

"Honey's Butterfly" by Geofrey Darrow
The Zero's tenth anniversary celebration concludes with this beautiful illustration by Geofrey Darrow



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