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An interview with editor Edward Katsenmeier on author Andrew Vachss
June 11, 2014
Special Victims Unit
By Boris Kachka
Published by
Influences: Andrew Vachss
By Robert J. Peterson
Published by
Goodbye Burke, hello Andrew
By Ian O'Doherty
Published by, January 19, 2009

Seattle Times
With eerie timing, revisiting civil-rights killings
In the years I’ve known children’s lawyer and crime fiction writer Andrew Vachss, I’ve been routinely bowled over by his prescience for the putrid. He insists it’s extrapolation: a Columbine-style massacre rejected as unrealistic when he wrote it in 1973; online trafficking of child porn before it became a staple for predators.
Published in the Seattle Times, June 22, 2005

Novelist Vachss Uses Fiction to Fight Child Abuse
By Aleksandrs Rozens
Published by Reuters, January 6, 2003

Lawyers Weekly USA
One Sole Practitioner's Crusade
By Sean Corcoran
Published in Lawyers Weekly USA, November 25, 2002

The Anchorage Press
Hello Darkness My Old Friend
By Amanda Coyne
Published in The Anchorage Press, November 6, 2002

CNN Larry King Live
Interview With Judy Sheindlin
Aired September 5, 2002
Excerpt from the rush transcript

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Vachss Wants to Upset, Anger Readers of Latest Book
By Regis Behe
Published in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, October 12, 2001

The Alibi
Burke is Back
By Jody L. Ipsen
Published in The Alibi, December 21-27, 2000

Andrew Vachss Does Not Paint Pretty Pictures
By Aleksandrs Rozens
Released by Reuters, November 1, 2000

Seattle Times
Vachss' Work Emanates From His Own Cold Rage
by Mark Rahner, Seattle Times staff reporter
Published in the Seattle Times, October 15, 2000

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Andrew Vachss, Writer with a Mission
By Jennifer Weiner
Published in The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 1, 2000

Times Record News
Fighting Child Abuse
Crime-fiction writer infuses novels with idea of protecting children
By Trish Choate
Published in the Times Record News, September 30, 2000

The Oregonian
Author's 'Bomb' Set Off for Free on Internet
By Jeff Baker
Published in The Oregonian, August 18, 2000

Gallery Magazine
Andrew Vachss: Beating the Devil
By Zak Mucha
Published in Gallery Magazine, April 2000

The Guardian (London)
Warrior of the Trojan horse
by Nick Hasted
Published in The Guardian (London), April 22, 2000

The Columbian
Predator-Hunter/Child Abuse Activist/Writer Andrew Vachss
Sets Latest Novel in Vancouver/Portland Area

by Tricia Jones, Columbian staff writer
Published in The Columbian (Vancouver, WA.), April 6, 2000

The Times (London)
Be Very Afraid
by Jerome Boyd Maunsell
Published April 1, 2000

The Herald (Glasgow)
Into the Darkest Corners
by Leslie McDowell
Published March 9, 2000

Dayton Daily News
Legislation Aims to Overhaul Old Incest Laws in States
by Katherine Rizzo, Associated Press
Published March 6, 2000

Safe House
By Chet Williamson
Published at Rambles, February 11, 2000

Santa Monica Mirror
CYBERBABBLE: One Man's Passion to Help
by Duff MacDonald
Published in the Santa Monica Mirror, January 12-18, 2000

Shout Magazine
At Home with ... Andrew Vachss
by Annia Ciezadlo
Published in Shout magazine, January, 2000

Willamette Week
The Haunted World of Andrew Vachss
by Zach Dundas
Published November, 17 1999

American Grandstand
The Hero and the Blues
By Dave Marsh

Seattle Times
Step Into the World of Attorney Vachss With Caution
by Mark Rahner, Seattle Times staff reporter
Published November 15, 1999

Irish Independent
Choice of Evil: Nothing but the Vachss
by Ian O'Doherty
Published in the Irish Independent, August 12, 1999

The Advocate
Evil Choices, Hard Choices
by Dave Ford
Published June 8, 1999

Horror Online
A Man Who Will Die Trying
by Paula Guran
Published May 1999

The Washington Times
Author-Lawyer-Children's Advocate Has Best of All 3 Worlds on Web
By Joseph Szadkowski
Published in The Washington Times, April 26, 1999
Son of a Son
By Steve Byrne
Published at, January 28, 1999

The Alert
Andrew Vachss on the Record
By Donald Liebenson
Published July 1998

The Los Angeles Times
Brutal Truths
by Elizabeth Mehren, Times Staff Writer
Published May 19, 1998

Genesee Country Express
Pedophiles: The Harsh Reality
by Bob Reidel
Published April 30, 1998

Gannett News Service
Wage War With Votes to Change Laws on Child Abuse and Incest
by Leslie Boyd
Published April 29, 1998, Wednesday, Final Edition

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Great Lines, Unforgettable Characters Bring Suspense Fiction Back to Life
by Ronald Reed
Published April 26, 1998

The Seattle Times
A Street-Smart Savior
by Adam Woog
Published April 16, 1998

Spectator Magazine
Andrew Vachss—In The Trenches
By Art Taylor
Published April 9, 1998

Hollywood Reporter
Manchevski to bear NL 'CROSS'
by Josh Chatworth
Published October 10-12, 1997

The Fresno Bee
Andrew Vachss Uses Printed Page, World Wide Web to Lobby for Young Victims
by Steve Elliott
Published August 4, 1997

Deseret News
Lawyer Sees the Dark Side and Lives to Tell About It
by Craig Holyoak
Published Sunday, January 19, 1997

San Diego Reader
Reading: False Allegations
Published November 21, 1996

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
A Voice For Abused Children
by Joe Holleman
Published November 18, 1996

The Associated Press
Andrew Vachss
by Nancy Shulins
Published July 19, 1996

Children's Express
Author Exposes Child Prostitution in Thailand
by Ben Abelson, 11; Elizabeth Daly, 12; Rachel Falkenstein, 13
Published in "Children's Express" a column in the New York Amsterdam News, July 13, 1996

Combo Magazine
Andrew Vachss: Warrior
by Christopher Golden
Published July 1996

Daily Variety
New Line Bears "Cross"
by Dan Cox and Monica Roman
Published June 4, 1996

New York Times Op-Ed
Kids for Sale
by Bob Herbert
Published Jan. 22, 1996

The Washington Times
Taking a Stand for Children
by Joseph Szadkowski
Published December 16, 1995

The Village Voice Literary Supplement
Vachss Indignant
by Hugh Garvey
Published December, 1995

Parade Magazine
Batman Takes on the Ultimate Evil
by Jane Ciabattari
Published Sunday, October 22, 1995

Weekend Guardian
The Prosecutor: He Walks It Like He Talks It
by Alex Kershaw
Published May 2-3, 1992

Trotting Times
Spotlight On: Andrew Vachss
Published June 1991

Rage of an Angel
by Paul Mann
Published May 1991

No Mercy
by Will Blythe
Published July 1990

San Francisco Examiner
Unleashing the Criminal Mind
by Dave Ford
Published July 12, 1990

Baltimore Sun
Kids' lawyer flaunts toughness Blunt style is found offensive, effective
by Laura Lippman
Published October 12, 1990

CWRU Magazine
In Defense of Children
by Ken Kesegich
Published February 1990

Fighting and Writing for Justice
by Kevin Gonzalez
Published October 1, 1989

Searching for Clues
by Mark Taylor
Published August 31, 1989

Prince of Darkness
by Carl Hindmarch
Published June 1989

The Avenger
by Frank Kuznik
Published Summer 1989

Chicago Tribune
A Lawyer's Novel Voice Pleads: Halt the Assembly Line for Society's 'Monsters'
by Linnet Myers
Published January 2, 1989

The Boston Globe
One Man's War on Child Abuse
by Nina McCain
Published October 17, 1988

Los Angeles Times
Lawyer-Author Fuels His Fiction with Anger Drawn from Real Life
by Garry Abrams
Published October 9, 1988

People Weekly
Pages: On the subject of child abuse,
Andrew Vachss is one tough lawyer and one tough author

by Andrew Abrahams
Published September 18, 1988

A 'Literary' Lawyer and the Nightmare He Writes—and Lives
by Jerry Morgan
Published October 16, 1987

The New York Times
The Law: Taking on Children as Clients
by Georgia Dullea
Published June 17, 1988

The Washington Post
In Defense of the Children
by Sandy Rovner
Published May 27, 1987

New York Magazine
The Last Angry Man
by Eric Pooley
Published May 25, 1987

Andrew Vachss: Flood's Angry Author
By Laurence Shames
Published February 1986

The Wall Street Journal
An Attorney Turns to Fiction
by Helen Dudar
Published September 16, 1985


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