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Soft Maniacs (Estep), Black Book (Fall 1999)

Widow's Web (Lyons), Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (8/1/93)

The Misbegotten Son (Olsen), New York Times (3/14/93)

Lethal Passage (Larson), Los Angeles Times (3/13/93)

Murder at 75 Birch (Pienciak), New York Times (10/18/92)

The Boy Without a Flag (Rodriguez), The World and I (10/92)

Lead Us Not Into Temptation (Berry), New Orleans Times-Picayune (9/20/92)

Black Water (Oates), Chicago Tribune (5/3/92)

When the Bough Breaks (Hewlett), Washington Post (6/9/91)

Hilary's Trial (Groner), Washington Post (5/13/91)

Sailor's Holiday (Gifford), Chicago Tribune (5/12/91)

A Tout's Guide to Crime Fiction, Wigwag (February 1991)

A Ticket to the Boneyard (Block), Detroit News (8/29/90)

A Death in White Bear Lake (Siegel), New York Times (7/29/90)

The Prime Roll (Izzi), Chicago Tribune (2/25/90)

Killshot (Leonard), Chicago Tribune (4/9/89)

Waverly Place (Brownmiller), Washington Post (1/23/89)

Tattoo the Wicked Cross (Salas), Change (1982)


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