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Proving It
An Andrew Vachss Audiobook Collection

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Andrew Vachss' writing has been described as "red-hot and serious as a punctured lung" (Playboy), "hypnotically violent ... made up of equal parts broken concrete block and razor wire" (Chicago Sun-Times), and "short and choppy, like the ticking of a time bomb" (Seattle Post-Intelligencer).

In this audiobook, Burt Reynolds brings to life 27 of Vachss' trademark life-at-ground-zero stories. In "Dope Fiend," a woman suffering from both terminal cancer and a drug-withholding doctor finds the hard answer to each. "Dead Game" rips open the myths surrounding pit bulls, from both sides. And an ex-con finds that, sometimes in life, payback is a beautiful thing, in the story "Proving It." After you hear these 27 stories—and the bonus track of David Joe Wirth reprising his stage performance of "Placebo"—you'll understand why The Washington Post declared Vachss "Lord of the Asphalt Jungle."

Proving It an audiobook collection of 27 of Andrew Vachss' short stories, read by Burt Reynolds
The Publishing Mills, 2001

Burt ReynoldsAcademy Award nominee, Golden Globe winner and Emmy winner Burt Reynolds has enjoyed enormous success as an actor and director. Among his feature films are "Deliverance," "Starting Over," "Hooper," "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," "The Longest Yard," "Smokey and the Bandit," "Sharky's Machine," and "The End." His TV credits include "Gunsmoke," "Dan August," and "B.L. Stryker" and he won an Emmy for "Evening Shade." Reynolds made his broadway debut in "Look, We've Come Through." He has directed eight productions, and starred in two at the Jupiter Theater which he founded in Jupiter, Florida. His autobiography My Life was a New York Times Best Seller.

David Joe WirthDavid Joe Wirth, reprising his stage performance of "Placebo," is an actor who lives and works in New York City. He has been closely involved with Mr. Vachss' work throughout the past decade. He has performed at numerous theatres in both New York City and Chicago, working with notable writers and directors such as David Mamet, Robert Falls, and Stuart Ross.

(contained on 4 audio cassettes)
Dope Fiend
Dress-up Day
Escort Service
Going Home
Last Date
Proving It
Slow Motion
Summer Girl
The Real Thing
The Real World
True Colors
Any Time I Want
Date Rape
Dead Game
Drive By
It's a Hard World
Lynch Law
Plan B
Step on a Crack
Stone Magic
White Alligator
Witch Hunt
"Placebo" read by David Joe Wirth


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