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This is a copy of the "International Pedophile Liberation Front" Enemies List.
See entry #24 for reference to Andrew Vachss.

(note: copy found in the web cache of the search engine


Know Your Enemies

A.k.a. The hall of shame

I definitely need all of your help to fill this page with names, addresses and links. Please write to suggest more sites.

Know your enemies! Pedo-bashers come from all sides of the world. Getting to know them and their arguments, which are not always stupid although of course they are wrong:), may help you find the true meaning of what you're doing, why, and understand how you can cope with and fight back their hate.
  1. I can't even remember what this is

  2. Probably just another pedo-bashing page. I wonder if these people ever thought anything original in their lifetime. No, I'm not going to check it out again.
  3. «Ethical Hackers against Pedophilia»



    How do you spell L-A-M-E?
    What's more wannabe than ""?

  5. «The Volunteer Institute»



    If they weren't so hard on child-lovers, these guys would be pretty nice. Ah, misunderstanding...
    Thanks for the link, Phantom!

  7. A funny anti-pedo rant



    I'm not bigoted enough not to recognize a hilarious pedo-basher. Although this guy is offensive, I couldn't help laughing.

  9. «Images of Children, Crime, and Violence»



    This guy takes examples from his collection of 1970's «Hustler» magazines to claim they contain "child pornography". Don't rush to the shops! He forgets to say that since 1984, nothing of the kind can be found in there.

  11. «The American Guardian»



    This guy starts by ranting against pedophiles on IRC... then goes on to rant against gays, women, blacks, etc. etc. -- We're in good company.

  13. National Program for Child Abuse Prevention



    Meaning well. Also has some research on the topic.
    But then publishes such bullshit as "Child Abuse Facts" that looks so much like fiction!

  15. This isn't even interesting.



  17. «Nudist hall of shame»



    An impressive list of rantings and false accusations against pedophiles, from the feminist got-a-broomstick-in-my-arse side, this time.

  19. «Nick the Llama»



    So this guy has organized a whole campaign to report "child-pornography" sites to the FBI and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police - I guess that's as far as he can go by way of international outlook). His latest victim is The Nymph site, a rather innocent place containing a few «artistic» pictures of young girls, that have been on the Usenet even before JonBenet was born.

  21. «Guard Our Children's Innocence About Pedophilia»



    This convicted arsonist and boy-lover has written a web page to further excuse himself by claiming that he committed his crime because he had sex with his father. Apparently, he didn't quite convince judges. Will he convince Web surfers? The page has a worrying "flame" logo on it -- some things never end...

  23. «The Sewer»



    Some sorry and repressed boylover has collected the hugest imaginable treasure trove of boy- and pedo-related links (including this one), and peppered it with his own inarticulate insults and threats.

  25. «Challenging Children to Chastity: A Parental Guide»



    This is a document from the Catholic Church: the ultimate theory of repression.

  27. «Pedophiles need treatment, not publicity»



    This would seem at first to be an understanding article, but it is even more dangerous than raving pedo-killers'. Man, we are not sick-- no matter how badly this fact shatters your view of the world. No sickness, no treatment, no involuntary confinement to asylums.

  29. «No law is just that will let a pedo go free»



    This seems the argument from a lawyer, who goes to great lengths to demonstrate that the statute of limitations does not apply to priests accused of molestation of children.




    Now you would think the gay community was more understanding towards oppressed sexual minorities? No way! Read this, and this (just examples). Read also this exception.

  33. A Pedophile seeking help from God



    Some priest received a letter from a poor, emasculated wretch and uses it for his horrid propaganda.

  35. "Pedophilia: the next shift in Sexual Tolerance"



    You thought that the tales of creeping pedophiles lurking at night on the Daytona, Fla. beaches was an urban legend? Nope! The mystery is what they do there. (Maybe they try to stay away from kids?)

  37. Todd Grigsby



    He thinks he's waaaayyy cool, but he isn't. Want a proof? Read this.

  39. TORTURE!



    A poor man "affected with pedophilia" (???) has been treated with drugs - something that is even considered bad for raving lunatics.

  41. A nice place to throw your abuse at



    Unmoderated web-based discussion group, it shows the cultural level of its participants. More groups here(you can also create your own).
    The sitehowever is «best not viewed by kids» (lest they know).




    Hilarious and offensive site by some seething and repressed asshole. If you visit, make sure you read their "profile of the molester".

  45. The Movement Against Pedophilia on the Internet



    These people basically would like pedophiles to have no voice on the Internet. Although they claim to be "against censorship", that's basically what they invoke (see an independent response).
    Thanks for the link Oli!

  47. Andrew Vachss



    This guy is defined as a "crusader" against the exploitation of children. He is not particularly anti-sex, and some of his arguments are comparatively sound, although It's Only Propaganda, as usual.
    His mind has also spawned the ridiculous and quite outdated "Don't Buy Thai" campaign (see below).

  49. Don't Buy Thai



    This silly initiative prompts you to single out Thailand as the only country where children are allowed to be prostituted, and to respond to this by boycotting Thai products and their whole economy. As if Thais were a bunch of pedos and not just poor.
    Fortunately, this initiative will end in nothing - notwithstanding the fancy Web page.
    More on

  51. Protect Your Children From Internet Pedophiles (link expired)



    Comparatively reasonable, teaches parents not to be afraid of the Net itself. Another example of parental intromission in their children's lives. Another example

  53. Evolutionary Psychology and the Pedophile: Not Perversion -- But Not Evolutionary Either



    An article against some Usenet posting by N.S. Aristoff, who claimed that pedophilia is an evolution of sexuality. Rather condescending and very very boring.

  55. Le rat et l'enfant



    Ah, les Belges! Before the Dutroux affair started, this online magazine proposed a rantingly enraged report on the anticipated liberation of a pedophile from jail... an interesting forethought -- only that the poor man was 80 years old! (In French.)

  57. America and the selling of pedophilia



    One of those guys who tend to see perverts in every corner. Like the Calvin Klein advertisement posters. Yucch.

  59. Mental Health Net - Pedophilia Symptoms



    A "mental health" description of... pedophilia symptoms. Man, we are not fucking sick!!!

  61. Against sexual education



    Beverly LaHaye, President of CONCERNED WOMEN OF AMERICA, wrote this to prompt educators to drop any teaching about sex in schools. This deserves no comment whatsoever.

  63. Stop the child trade in Goa



    I've never been there, so I can't comment.




    This guy would like to see all "sex offenders" morally, if not physically castrated.

  67. The U.S. Customs Child-Porn Rat page



    A page presenting the matter in the usual brisk, fatherly and virile manner of the U.S. Government -- and offering a reward for anyone who gives information on alleged child abuse on the Net. Great, but before you call 1-800-BE-ALERT, remember that (1) you get investigated too and (2) you only get paid if there is a conviction. Details can be found on the page.

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