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Dogs of The Zero
Gussie (a.k.a. Pansy)

If you've been reading Andrew Vachss' novels, then you know all about Neapolitan Mastiffs—Burke's dog, Pansy, is a Neo. You know how loyal and protective these dogs can be. Now's your chance to have one of these warrior dogs. Check out the United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club, where they've got some Neos in need of a home.

Gussie (a.k.a. Pansy)

Neapolitan Mastiff (yeah, that's her). A phlegmatic monster who could stop a dump truck in its tracks.

Gussie, aka Pansy

Gussie enjoying the sun.

Gussie, aka Pansy

10 months old.

Gussie, aka Pansy

On the job.

Gussie, aka Pansy

The artists for Gussie's rendering are Patricia Jarnigan and Angie Jenkins.

Gussie, aka Pansy


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Pansy Burke

You're listening to "Unleashed," Pansy's theme song, as composed by Anthony Annucci.


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