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Before Honey left us, she promised to pick out our next dog. We understood that this could take some time, as Honey's criteria are quite stringent. She finally sent us Romeo. He is a rescue, approximately two years old, and was apparently bred for (and used in) fighting before he was removed from his "home" in the south and then outdoor-kenneled in New England until he came to be with us.

Romeo's actual antecedents are unknown. He quite clearly possesses both Catahoula Leopard Dog and American Bulldog in his bloodlines. The only apparent distinction between him and the infamous Catahoula Bulldog—a breed banned in areas where pit bulls are banned—is the length of his coat, but we did find this interesting piece of information on that breed: "He has the musculature of the American Bulldog with tight skin and a very short smooth coat. Normally he does not have an undercoat but usually develops one when living in seasonal or colder climate." Subsequent information (from specialists, each of whom owns one of the breed) now seems to argue in favor of Romeo being a cross between a Kuvasz and a Great Pyrenees.

He has proven to be a deceptive animal in many ways. Although he looks like a piece of white cotton candy, he weighs about 100 pounds of bone and muscle. His regal appearance disappears when either his people or his territory is approached. He's not much of a barker—greatly prefers growling and fang display—but will whine piteously when denied the opportunity to get better acquainted with anyone he considers a potential intruder. He is not fond of male dogs.

So far, Romeo's training progress indicates high intelligence, great concentration, extraordinary agility, imperviousness to wet weather, and superb protection skills. His intelligence, however, does not extend to distinguishing between unannounced visitors and intruders.

Romeo is registered as a "Taurus Uniquo." Anyone who cannot decode this—or wonders why a dog of his characteristics would have such a name—might try doing the Honey/Pit Bull and Pansy/Neapolitan Mastiff equation.


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