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Happy Halloween from Ghost!

Ghost greets you happily from her new home.

Ghost has been adopted!Ghost

Ghost is in canine heaven, with a wonderful, loving family, fresh air, beautiful surroundings (in all respects), and even a bunch of new pals ... fellow street-dogs who have bonded out of common experiences.


. . .Those words and photos were from the beginning of Ghost's new life, when she was rescued and adopted by the incomparable Donna Brilmayer.

Donna Brilmayer rescuing Savannah, the puppy
Donna Brilmayer rescuing Savannah, the puppy

Donna admitted once how she worked her magic. On the long drive back from picking up her latest last-chance rescue, she would talk to the dog, striking a deal before they reached home. No one will ever know what conversation she had with Ghost, but by the time they got back to Red Hook, they belonged to each other for life . . . and beyond.

Ghost stole hearts, it was her specialty. It was supposed to be that Donna took Ghost on her farm, trained and socialized her, and found her a wonderful adoptive home, as she had for so many other hopeless dogs. Ghost had other ideas. Why not be the queen of Sav-A-Dog? If it was a battle of wills, Donna and her family didn't stand a chance. Ghost used the wit, charm, tenacity, and intensity that had allowed her to survive on the streets through one of the worst NYC winters on record. Within weeks, Ghost was sharing Donna's bed, getting first treat, convincing Donna that she needed Ghost. And Ghost knew she had to make adjustments herself. Instead of avoiding humans who came to the farm, she accepted tributes. Rescues could come and go as long as they paid their proper respects. Donna often bragged that Ghost even had attendants, that when she got old and her legs weakened, two Irish Wolfhounds would escort and support her.

Donna fought her own battles with chronic pain and illness. She had a thousand excuses to be an invalid. Instead, she ran a one-woman rescue that forever changed the lives of dogs and humans. When Ghost and Donna left this world it was not in defeat, but with the grace of those who have loved as they were meant to.


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