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Zero Pack
Honey & Theo

HoneyBaby and TheoHoney

Full name: HoneyBaby Queen Empress of the front seat and Vanquisher of all Sleep not Her Own
Favorite Food: Angel Food Cake
Hobbies: barking, bossing Theo, and kicking guests off of her side of the couch
Quote: "Are you gonna finish that?"


Full name: Theodore Boris del Negro Rodriguez aka: B
Turn-ons: butt-scratches and old sponges (sounds worse than it is)
Quote: "No Sudden Movements"
Favorite Words: tissue, squirrel, tuna
Favorite Song: 99 Bottles of Beer

Honey and Theo are both from Kansas. Theo was on his way to becoming a river dog when he saw Kelly Rodriguez and sat in her lap, commence the true love part of the show. They are our family and we are lucky to have them in our lives. We are further fortunate in the bonds that we share with them are not entirely of our construction any more than the dogs. They are there for us. We are there for them. And that's the way it is.

Mark Hennessy and Kelly Rodriguez


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